John Laurens is a character of the Broadway musical Hamilton. He is played by actor and singer Anthony Ramos.


John Laurens was born on October 28, 1754 in Charleston, South Carolina. His parents, Henry Laurens and Eleanor Ball, were both wealthy landowners, who had grown rich thanks to rice plantations; his father was also one of the most important slave trader of the country. John was the eldest of five children and had two sisters (Martha and Mary Eleanor) and two brothers (Henry Jr. and James).

In the musicalEdit

Act OneEdit

John Laurens makes his first appearance in the first song, in which he serves as a narrator recounting facts about Hamilton's childhood. At the end of the song, he declares that he has died for Hamilton (Alexander Hamilton).

Songs Edit

Aaron Burr Sir [Little Lines]

My Shot [More Lines Than The Other]

Act OneEdit

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