Elizabeth "Eliza" Hamilton née Schuyler was Alexander Hamilton's wife, played by Phillipa "Pippa" Soo (now Lexi Lawson). Eliza was the sister of Peggy and Angelica Schuyler.

History Edit

Eliza was born to Philip and Catherine Schuyler, the second daughter of a family of eight. She had seven siblings who lived to adulthood, most notably Angelica Church née Schuyler and Margarita "Peggy" Van Rensselaer née Schuyler. Her family was one of the more wealthy Dutch landowners who settled in Albany in the mid-1600s.

Personality Edit

Eliza was known to be the more trusting and kind of her sisters, in contrast to Angelica's sensual witty nature and Peggy's naivety. It can also be inferred that she was the more sensitive one of the sisters, which can be seen from how quickly she fell in love with Alexander Hamilton ("Helpless") and how strongly she reacted to his affair with Maria Reynolds, going so far as to burn his love letters to her ("Burn").

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