Introduced in the show's title song, Hamilton is the clear star of the musical.

Backstory Edit

His history began on the island of Navis in what were then the British West Indies. Born into unfortunate illegitimacy, his life was an uphill climb as he struggled with financial troubles and later the death of his mother by an unspecified illness he survived. He went on to take charge of a great many trading operations, where he learned the financial skills and prodigious work ethic that would serve him so well later in life. His life was shaken again when a hurricane nearly destroyed his home while he was still in his mid-teens. He wrote quite a bit about the aftereffect of the ravaging storm. People he barely knew, after reading what he wrote, took up a collection to provide him a real chance in life. The already impoverished townsfolk were so moved by his story that they raised enough for Hamilton to buy his way onto a boat headed for New York, NY, where he was eventually to meet some of the most important figures in American history, as well as his wife, Eliza Hamilton (neé Schulyer), and to make a mark on our country still clear to this day.

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